Drawing Down the Sun

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I think sometimes as a witch the moon tends to get pride of place and the sun perhaps takes a back seat?  But it is an incredibly powerful source of natural energy and magic.  If you assign to the ‘general’ school of thought about gender (although it differs in cultures and beliefs) the sun is a very strong masculine energy that balances with the feminine energy of the moon.

How does the sun make you feel?  When the sun shines on a beautiful spring day after we have been subjected to rain, wind and snow.   Turning your face and feeling the warm rays of sun.  Having a picnic in the park or sitting on the beach on a warm summers day.  Makes you feel mighty fine, that’s how it makes you feel!

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This is new for me….

I started this blog to reach out and meet new people and hopefully make some new friends with the same interests. I just turn 50 and live in Va. I have 3 awesome kids that are amazing in life. My husband and I have been married about 28 years. I found out that I have sarcoidosis this past Oct. (autoimmune disease) so don’t get to go out much. I love being outside, reading, cooking, making homemade things like perfume and such.  We live way out in a very rural so I use the computer to stay in touch with everyone. I can’t wait to see what doors are opened up to me through this blog!

Blessed Be.